Tuesday 18th of May 2021

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Labour Day 2019

The international Labour Day 2019 came up with the theme: ‘’ WORKER’S PROTECTION’’: Vector for Social Justice and decent work in Cameroon. Wow! This day was fully celebrated at the Central Bureau of the Census and Population Studies – BUCREP in a grand style. 


From the theme of the day, BUCREP brought out its slogan which states: WE ARE PROUD OF BEING WORKERS IN BUCREP, OUR RIGHTS ARE PROTECTED. This can be viewed in the manner in which a worker at BUCREP is being treated. For example, workers at BUCREP have the right to insurance; meetings are organized via which workers freely channel their worries. Information at BUCREP goes from top to bottom and vice versa. There exists a conducive environment convivial to promote and initiate work which makes work to advance smoothly in the house.

On this day, BUCREP took part in the match pass at the 20th May boulevard despite the rains. After which, all the staff gathered at the site at Ndamvout for a reception that was coordinated by Mme. the Director-General herself, assisted by the Deputy Director-General. One could see the cordial relationship that exists between the top management and the bottom line staff. Too good to be true… Indeed, we are proud to be workers in BUCREP.





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